JMeter 开启录制过程报错

1.今天在利用JMeter的代理服务器录制压测用例的时候,遇到了如下的问题: 运行环境:WIN10, jdk1.8.0_66, JMeter 2.13, >.在TestPlan下新建ThreadGroup; >.在WorkBench新建 Non-Test Element->HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder. >.设置好配置: >.点击‘Start’ 开始录制,此时报错: 2.Rootcause: JMeter 2.10 uses a new method for recording HTTPS requests when running under Java 7. There have been some reports of problems starting the recorder, with errors such as the following: “ERROR – jmeter.protocol.http.proxy.ProxyControl: Could not initialise key store … Read moreJMeter 开启录制过程报错