It’s not a easy time to learn so many things, but it’s worth and funny. python file action: 1.code context: from sys import argv from os.path import exists import shutil script, from_file, to_file =argv # unpack target = open(from_file, “w+”) # “w+” clear all, and re-write file, can seek(0), then read without close it. print … Read morePython_Note_3–,write,close


What I need is to do more and more exercises! Note_1.raw_input() & input(); Difference: input() is from raw_input(), using command “\lib\ input” to check the definition as below. a.Input these to input_A = input(“Please input A:”) raw_input_A = raw_input(“Please input raw_A:”) print “The value from input is: %r.” % input_A print “The value from … Read morePython_Note_1–input(),raw_input()